Ten highly unpleasant questions that China wants to ask the USA

US officials persistently accuse China of concealing the true extent of the outbreak of coronavirus disease to stock up on medical supplies. According to the USA, there is sufficient evidence to indicate that COVID-19 began to spread worldwide from a laboratory in Wuhan.

Supposedly, Beijing did not inform the WHO of the degree of contagiousness of the infection and hid data on an increase in imports of medical goods (face masks, surgical gowns, gloves, etc) and a decrease in their exports.

US President Donald Trump says that the Chinese authorities made a huge mistake at the early stage of the fight against the spread of coronavirus and misled the international community in trying to hide the infection. 

China believes USA is hiding the truth

The Chinese authorities reject all allegations claiming that China, from the very beginning of the epidemic, took an open and responsible position in informing the world community about the spread of the infection. The PRC also refers to numerous scientific confirmations and the WHO that say that the virus could not be created artificially.

In this regard, the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, People's Daily, has formulated ten questions, which the world wants the United States to answer. 

According to the publication, it has been more than 100 days since the discovery of the first case of COVID-19 in the United States. Since January 20, the number of confirmed cases in the United States has exceeded one million, which made the USA the leader in the number of confirmed cases and deaths.

As long as the epidemiological situation continues to worsen, US politicians spread false information and blame others, the People’s Daily says.

Such a position, the newspaper says, gives US officials an opportunity shift responsibility. In addition, it reveals dubious moments in the prevention and control of the epidemic in the United States.

The US government should answer ten questions, provide explanations to the world, the Chinese newspaper concludes. 

  1. Why doesn’t the U.S. government provide comprehensive protection for medical workers? Why were those reporting facts fired?
  2. There are over 20,000 deaths from the seasonal flu in America starting last September, how many of those cases were the novel coronavirus undetected?
  3. Why did Washington suddenly shut down its bioweapons lab in Fort Detrick, Maryland last July?
  4. Some senators offloaded shares while playing down the threats of the disease. Why aren’t they being held accountable?
  5. Why did the U.S. downplay the pandemic when it knew the disease would develop into one?
  6. When did the earliest COVID-19 infection happen in the U.S.? Why doesn’t Washington get experts to trace it?
  7. What secret research is being carried out at the biolabs established by the U.S. in former Soviet states? 
  8. Why was Brett Crozier relieved of his command after saving the lives of thousands of soldiers on board?
  9. Will the U.S. disclose its pandemic control timeline to the world?
  10. What effective measures have the U.S. adopted in the last two months other than the restrictions on travel with China?

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