BJoe Biden should resign after Afghanistan evacuation joke

Why does Joe Biden joke about evacuation from Afghanistan?

Assistants to US President Joe Biden cut his joke about the evacuation of US military from Afghanistan.

During a press conference, a reporter asked Biden, whether he had a plan in case US soldiers remain in Kabul after the deadline for their evacuation set by the Taliban* (August 31). In response, Biden smiled and uttered the words that the viewers of the broadcast did not hear, because the audio recording was abruptly cut off.

According to participants of the press conference, Biden smiled and said:

"You will be the first person I call." 

The response to the question drew harsh reactions from several members of the US House of Representatives.

“SICK! When Biden’s asked what he’ll do if Americans are TRAPPED in Afghanistan after 8/31, he LAUGHS then his handlers cut off the audio. This is all one big joke to him. THIS IS NOT FUNNY! He needs to RESIGN immediately!” Republican Ronnie Jackson expressed his indignation on Twitter. 

Another Republican congressman, Jim Jordan, wrote:

“President Trump wouldn’t leave Americans behind. America first!"

"600,000 weapons 75,000 vehicles 208 planes All paid for by you. All left behind in Afghanistan for the Taliban by Joe Biden," he also tweeted. 

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham earlier said that Biden needs to be impeached for capitulating to the Taliban*. According to the politician, through the fault of the American president, thousands of Afghans who collaborated with the US army, as well as some of the Americans, were abandoned in Kabul. Graham called Biden's move "most dishonorable thing a Commander-in-Chief has done in modern times."

On August 23, Biden announced a possible pushback of the evacuation deadline. The Taliban* responded by warning that an untimely US withdrawal from Afghanistan would entail a military response.

*terrorist organization, banned in Russia

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