New documents about Flight MH17 disaster revisit version of Ukrainian fighter jets

New MH17 documents revisit version of Ukrainian fighter jets

The crash of the Malaysian Boeing in eastern Ukraine in July 2014 occurred in the area, where there was not a single Buk anti-aircraft missile system. This is evidenced by the document from the Military Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands, which was published on Monday on Bonanza Media, a platform for independent journalists.

As follows from the document sent to the Dutch prosecutors, Flight MH17 was flying out of reach of all the places established and used by Ukraine and Russia, where Buk-M1 systems were deployed.

"For me, the main conclusion is that the Dutch side had information about the location of the Buk complexes during the conflict," said Dutch journalist Max van der Werff, who, together with Russian journalist Yana Erlashova, is the founder of the Bonanza Media platform.

"We have not seen this information before, and the Dutch side concludes in its documents that it did not have information about the location of any Buk system near the crash site MH17."

The journalists published four documents. The second one is a transcript of the conversation between German independent journalist Billy Six and representatives of the Australian police. In this document, Six, among other things, talks about the people, who eyewitnessed Ukrainian fighters jets in the sky on the day of the crash. Van der Werff noted that he personally knew Six. "I confirmed it with Billy himself that these documents are real [and that such a conversation indeed took place at the indicated time at the indicated place]," the independent journalist said. "This is one of the reasons that can make us believe that these documents are not fake," he said, flatly refusing to clarify any details about the source of the documents.

The third document indicates that almost 12 months after the tragedy, Australian specialists worked with cropped non-original images, which, as it turned out, had been modified. For example, the file modification date precedes the date when it was created. "The Australians did not have the original photographs to analyze, they had to use social networks and cropped photographs," Max van der Werff said adding that such a discovery was hocking for him.

MH17 shot down by Ukrainian air-to-air missile

The last document is a transcript of a conversation between the Dutch police and an unnamed individual, who claimed that there were two Ukrainian fighter aircraft in the area a few minutes before the Boeing crash. There was a loud explosion, a white horizontal column of smoke appeared in the sky and a falling airplane could be seen.

In November 2014, it was reported that an expert in aviation with 20 years of experience, George Bilt, who showed interest in the report from the Russian Union of Engineers about the causes of the Boeing disaster, allegedly wrote a letter to Ivan Andrievsky, the vice president of the Russian Union of Engineers. Bilt attached a photo that clearly showed a missile being launched from underneath the left wing of the fighter aiming straight into the cockpit of the Malaysian Boeing.

Bilt's letter itself read that it was a military aircraft that shot down the passenger airliner. According to Bilt, they opened fire at the passenger plane from a gun, before launching an air-to-air missile, then the missile with a thermal homing system struck the right engine and the right wing of the passenger airplane, the expert allegedly wrote. Bloggers quickly discovered a large number of discrepancies and found that Bilt's photo had been photoshoped.

Bilt subsequently apologized to all the people whom he could indirectly and unintentionally mislead or disappoint with his theory.

The story about the report from the Russian Union of Engineers was aired on Russia's state-run Channel One TV channel. Its CEO admitted the mistake in the report about the crash of the Malaysian Boeing over Ukraine. However, Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the mistake in the TV program did not undermine confidence in the state channel. According to him,

"it is important to give a complete picture of versions, and not just one, as many Western channels prefer to do."

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