Benjamin Netanyahu's wife makes a scene on board her plane to Ukraine

Netanyahu's wife dishonours Ukrainian bread

Sarah Netanyahu - the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - made a scene on board an aircraft during her trip to Ukraine, Ynet website reports.

Israeli prime minister's wife was reportedly outraged after the captain of the aircraft did not welcome her accordingly. Sarah Netanyahu tried to reproach the captain, but she was not allowed to enter the cockpit. It was also said that the pilot welcomed Mrs. Netanyahu again by putting an emphasis on her name when airborne.

When the plane landed in Ukraine, the Israeli couple received a traditional welcome. Ukrainian women dressed in traditional costumes asked the prime minister and his wife to taste some bread and salt. Benjamin Netanyahu performed the ritual by dipping a piece of bread into salt. He handed over the piece to his wife Sarah, who dropped the bread on the ground.

It is worthy of note that Sarah Netanyahu had been found guilty of misappropriation of public funds for food in the amount of $100,000. The court sentenced Netanyahu to pay 55,000 shekels (more than 15,000 dollars); she received a criminal record. The state reserved the right to sue Netanyahu in civil cases for the payment of 175,0000 shekels.

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