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Russian Navy receives new weapon that blinds and disorients enemy

The Russian Navy has received new visual and optical interference stations known as 5P-42 "Filin".

The new weapon is capable of blinding the enemy and even causing hallucinations. The Filin, which translates as "eagle owl",  creates low-frequency oscillations of radiation brightness thus causing temporary reversible disorders of the organs of sight.

The Filin visual and optical interference station was tested on volunteers. They claimed that it was impossible to conduct sight shooting under the influence of the new weapon. Some complained about the appearance of floating circles before their eyes, some others said that they experienced nausea, dizziness and the loss of orientation in space.

The Filin station of visual and optical interference is also capable of suppressing night-vision devices, laser infrared rangefinders and guidance systems of anti-tank guided missiles.

The new equipment has been installed on two warships of the Russian Navy - the Admiral Gorshkov and the Admiral Kasatonov with two Filin stations on each to those ships.

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