How far can Europe go in its opposition to USA? - War of sanctions

How far can Europe go in its opposition to USA?

In 2015, a number of countries, including Russia and the United States, concluded an agreement on the settlement of the issue of nuclear weapons in Iran. A couple of years later, Washington has decided to withdraw from the international treaty, even though concluding that agreement was a very hard nut to crack.

As long as the USA has pulled out from the agreement, US sanctions and trade restrictions against Iran were effected again. This troubles Europe a lot, as many European countries cooperate with Iranian companies.

The European Union now intends to set up a special agency that would make it possible for the EU to bypass American sanctions. How far can Europe go in an effort to oppose the US policy of sanctions?

Konstantin Blokhin, an expert at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that the threats and warnings that come from US officials can only make their European counterparts more determined in their actions to oppose Washington.

"Obviously, with all those harsh statements, the US government can only set a half of European countries against Washington. However, this is only a half. Germany, France or, for example, Italy defend their interests and try to find an individual political vision of the current political situation. Many other countries of Europe simply follow the United States - Poland, the Baltic States, Romania and others. All this suggests that one can hardly call Europe an integral entity.

Europe depends on the United States of America a lot. Many children of European top officials go to the USA to study. Most likely, European countries simply decide to patiently wait for Donald Trump's presidency to end in a hope that when he leaves the White House, the situation will improve. It seems to me that European countries do not seek world supremacy now. They do not have any serious political ambition. Generally speaking, I do not think that they are willing and able to resist the States. Europe is much more concerned about being economically secure and stable," the expert told Pravda.Ru

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