Turkey swaps USA's F-35 for Russia's Su-57

Ankara plans to buy Russian Su-57 fighters instead of American F-35 fighter aircraft, Yeni Safak said with reference to sources.

Russia's Sukhoi fifth-generation fighter aircraft in the sky su-57

Turkey does not plan to refuse from its June purchase. The acquisition of Russian fighter aircraft comes as a backup option that the country will resort to if Washington refuses to sell F-35 to Ankara. US officials announced such a probability after Turkey bought S-400 anti-aircraft from Russia.

Washington and NATO voiced their non-acceptance of the situation with Turkey's decision to purchase weapons from the Russian Federation. Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell said that the acquisition of S-400 system would deprive the Turkish military of F-35 fighters. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that Turkey would take adequate measures in response should the US make its threat real.


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