Kremlin says it's much more important what Tehran's going to say to USA's ultimatum

Iran's next moves on nuclear deal much more important - Kremlin

Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on 12 basic requirements for Iran, which  US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo voiced earlier.

Peskov said that it was important to see how Tehran was going to assess the 12 requirements for the nuclear deal, which the USA proposed. "The question is what Iran thinks of the 12 requirements. This is much more important," Peskov said, when asked whether Kremlin considered Pompeo's plan realistic.

The Kremlin spokesman added that Moscow, Tehran and European countries reaffirmed their commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action regarding the nuclear deal with Iran.

Russia and other countries have repeatedly expressed their hope that Tehran would stay within the framework of the said treaty, Peskov said adding that it was only the United States that pulled out from the agreement with all ensuing negative consequences.

"Russia and the leaders of European countries, including France and Germany, have an understanding of the need for joint work to minimize the negative consequences caused by Washington's withdrawal from the Iran deal," Peskov said in response to a question of whether the leaders of Russia, France and Germany were seeking a joint decision in connection with the USA's pullout from the deal.

On Monday, May 21, Pompeo listed 12 "basic requirements" for Iran, which should be included in the new agreement. Thus, Tehran should "stop enriching" uranium, provide access to all nuclear facilities throughout the country, release all detained US citizens and citizens of US allies, stop supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen and the Shiite Hezbollah movement in Lebanon, withdraw its forces from Syria and stop threatening Israel. Otherwise, the US would impose most stringent sanctions on Iran in history.

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