Japan aims to get islands in East China Sea

China has warned Japan not to interfere in situation around islands in the South China Sea.

Official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Lu Kang has claimed today that Japan has no right to accuse China on the matter, considering its shameful history.

Before that, ten countries of the ASEAN did not manage to work out a strategy against aggressive China's acts regarding disputed archipelagos in the South China Sea. It's the first serious failure for 45 years of organization's existence.

Andrey Ostrovskiy, deputy director of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies, member of the European Association of Chinese Studies, told Pravda.Ru that China should hold talks with countries which have claims to the islands, that is with the Philippines.

Japan has no relation to this matter. 'The whole discussion is connected not with the islands themselves, but with the shelf of the South and East China Seas, where there are oil and natural gas resources according to geological survey. Namely this lies at the root of all of these discussions.

Japan wants to make use of a precedent and dispute territories in the East China Sea. Japan cannot make claims on the Spratly islands, but there exist similar disputes in the East China Sea. That is the island of Diaoyu Dao in particular, where oil has been also found,' the expert stated.

What about decision of the Hague Tribunal, China will not implement it, Ostrovskiy is sure. 'At the moment China is carrying out military maneuvers there and increases its expenses for military budget. I can hardly imagine how the countries which have claims to these islands will be able to really do something. How the Philippine military ships will set off to the South China Sea? It seems to be completely unreal.'


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