Kim Jong-un suffers from obesity, insomnia and addiсtion to alcohol

A member of the ruling party of South Korea, Lee Cheol-woo, shared information about Kim Jong-un's physical and mental state with reporters.

According to Lee Cheol-woo, the North Korean leader has gained quite a lot of weight. Over the past two years, Kim Jong-un has gained about 40 kilos. In 2014, he weighed 90 kilos, then his weight exceeded 100, and now he weighs 130 kilograms, intelligence reports say.

Kim Jong-un's father and grandfather suffered from obesity. They were both addicted to smoking tobacco and died of a heart attack.

In addition to obesity, Kim Jong-un suffers from insomnia. The leader of North Korea fears for his own life.

"He closely monitors all possible threats to his power, including from the military. Kim is obsessed with personal safety. It is because of his habitual gluttony and drunkenness that he has acquired the diseases that are typical to the adult lifestyle," Lee Cheol-woo said.

Rumors about the poor state of health of the North Korean leader have been circulating on the Internet for years. In one of the videos, Kim is shown limping. To crown it all, pictures of the North Korean leader clearly show that Kim Jong-un has gained a lot of weight since coming to power in 2011.

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