US Air Force gets ready for WWIII

The United States Air Force (Air Force) reproduces large-scale air warfare between great powers by simulating the threats and challenges that they may face in combat. 

An article penned by Kris Osborn for The National Interest says that the Red Flag war games demonstrate USA's preparations for WWIII. 

During the annual Red Flag war games, the US Air Force comes across an experienced and well-armed enemy, the so-called Red Team, which possesses advanced air defenses and state-of-the-art fifth-generation aircraft.

The author also refers to the report from the US Air Force, which states that the goal of the Red war games is to prepare the armed forces for "multi-domain" warfare. 

According to the report, aerial combat tactics remains the main focus of Red Flag exercises, but they also take into account the threats that may appear in space and cyberspace. Thus, the armed forces should be ready to react and overcome any enemy obstacles in order to carry out a successful mission.

Osborne also noted that the destruction of enemy air defenses becomes more difficult in the event of challenges in space and cyberspace. 

As part of annual Red Flag war games, the F-35 and F-22 aircraft of the US Air Force practice their skills to attack enemy aircraft, conduct an air battle, strike air defense systems, etc. 

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