Elizabeth II Windsor staff strikes 1st time in 900 years

The Windsor Castle that attracts millions of tourists annually may be closed.

Workers of the Queen's residence declared industrial action because of underpay case. 84 % of the workers claimed that they can not endure such working conditions given exrta duties any more and threatened not to protect the Windsor Castle artworks.

Remuneration used to make up 14,400 pounds per year for 36 working hours a week. It is less than the minimum wage.

Still, the wardens claimed that they have no complaints against Her Majesty the Queen, but the Royal Collection Trust:

"We're all very loyal to the Queen and the royal family. We feel part of England's heritage. Our gripe is with the managers who run the castle in their name and keep us on such low pay it's almost impossible to have any decent standard of living."

The employer replied in its turn that the staff had always volunteered for additional duties.

It is noteworthy that the tourists bring up to £17 million annually.

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