Rothschild warns of 'chaos, extremism' and 'horrendous' problems in Europe


Jacob Rothschild, 78-year-old banker and chairman of RIT Capital Partners, warned of global instability and fragility of hope for future income, columnist Richard Dyson wrote for The Telegraph.

In his statement about the results of the economic year 2014, Rothschild expressed concerns and spoke about a complicated economic background that investors will face in the future. According to Jacob Rothschild the current geopolitical situation is perhaps even more dangerous than it was during the Second World War, Pravda.Ru reports. 

He stressed out that the current state of affairs appeared as a result of rampant chaos and extremism in the Middle East, the crisis in Ukraine and the general weakening of Europe that faces the threat of horrendous unemployment against the backdrop of EU's inability to conduct necessary reforms. 


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