Putin: The West ships arms to Ukraine already

The West supplies weapons to Ukraine, but it will not change the situation in the Donbass, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

At a press-conference after the talks in Hungary, the Russian president responded to a reporter's question about the supplies of Western weapons to Ukraine, which Kiev has been vehemently seeking lately. Vladimir Putin said that he was aware of the fact that the West already supplies lethal weapons to Ukraine, although it will not change the situation in the Donbass, Pravda.Ru reports

"As for possible supplies to Ukraine, firstly, according to the information that we have, these arms are already being delivered to Ukraine. There's nothing unusual about it. Ukrainian military men have no desire to participate in the fratricidal war, and the militia fighters are very much motivated to protect their families," Putin said. "I am deeply convinced that whoever delivers weapons, the number of victims can certainly increase, but the result will be the same as it is today, it is inevitable," the Russian president added.

According to Politonline.ru, reports about Western arms in Ukraine are plentiful on social networks, YouTube and media outlets. Western arms, such as machine guns, sniper rifles and many other types of small arms are found in Ukraine frequently.

Some experts, for example, US-based political scientist and research associate at the Center for Globalization Studies, Stephen Lendman, believes that "Washington delivered heavy combat weapons to the Ukrainian army from the very beginning of the conflict or even before the war started. According to Lendman, the key to the situation lies in the fact that the US has always armed Kiev, and Obama's statement about USA's intent to supply weapons to Ukraine is a big lie, Pravda.Ru says.

"There are American weapons in the Donbas and in Ukraine," an officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces told Politonline.ru. According to the officer, other pro-Ukrainian countries are likely to be involved in the process to supply weapons to Ukraine. 

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