Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus always ready to shake Western hand

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus was the only bridge for Russia between Europe and Eurasia. In addition, Belarus conducts multi-vector foreign policy, Lukashenko said at the ceremony to introduce the new head of the presidential administration Alexander Kosinets, Regnum reports. 

"We conduct multiple vector foreign policy. This is not because we were sitting in our offices to invent such a term. It comes from our lives, from our geopolitical position," Alexander Lukashenko said. 

According to him, Belarus has to "look around, look left and right and so on, but we have never been traitors! We have never stabbed anyone in the back and we will never do so!" 

Lukashenko noted that Belarus "borders on the West and NATO," and the country's leadership was concerned about global processes. Belarus does not want "any collisions - political, diplomatic, or even more so, military conflicts with this West!" After all, a half of Belarusian trade depends on Western countries. In addition, Lukasheko said, "one should live normally with neighbors."

"Yes, if the West goes too far, we respond, because we are a sovereign and independent state! But if the West reaches out a hand of cooperation - listen: if Putin, Yanukovych or Poroshenko were in my place, would they throw a stone at this hand? Would they spit at this hand? No! They would consider it a gesture of goodwill at least, and we must take advantage of this! We will strive to normalize relations with the West. This is our neighbor given to us by God," said Lukashenko.


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