US nuclear weapons unable to contain Russia and China

The head of the US National Nuclear Security Administration, Frank Klotz, believes that after the Cold War between the USSR and the US ended, the USA became disoriented. The problems that came up with the US nuclear arsenal may eventually deprive the country of the status of a nuclear power, he said in an interview with Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger.

The quality of management of the nuclear arsenal dropped. The training of personnel operating nuclear facilities was not conducted properly. Thirty-four American officers were removed from service at US nuclear facilities. Moreover, defense spending was reduced, and policy-makers lost interest in nuclear weapons. Today, modernization of nuclear weapons requires one trillion dollars, but they consider this amount unaffordable.

President of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, John Hamre, complains that other countries invest in nuclear weapons actively. The Russians return to their former positions, the Chinese expand their arsenal as well.

According to the Associated Press, the United States is incapable to control its nuclear weapons. The country experiences considerable difficulties with competent personnel, military discipline, advanced equipment and even with congressional control.

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