Obama may face impeachment after November 4 elections

US President Barack Obama may face impeachment, if Democrats suffer defeat in the upcoming midterm congressional elections, scheduled for November 4, the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid said.

"Frankly, a Republican House and Senate could go beyond shutting down the government - they could waste months of our lives on impeachment. And every month that goes by without solutions, struggling Americans are in pain," Senator Reid said, TASS reports.

US analysts tend to believe that the Republicans will strengthen their positions in the Congress. They already have an advantage in the House of Representatives. Having taken six additional seats in the Senate, the current opposition will thus take control of the entire Congress. In this scenario, the Obama administration will lose its legislative initiative.

Newsmax has recently reported that a third of Americans would be happy if the US Congress would impeach Obama. According to politonline.ru, 49 percent of Americans believe that Obama abuses power, and another 35 percent believe that "he should be removed from office through impeachment."

The Republicans say that Obama violated the Constitution and the laws of the United States. Congressman John Boehner, for example, said that Obama abused power and made a number of political decisions contrary to US laws. Common Americans, famous journalists, major American politicians and billionaires continue to state that their president is inadequate. Billionaire Donald Trump has recently called Obama a "psycho." He has thus joined the ranks of those, who call Obama  "cry-baby," "wimp," "liar," "gay" and even "illegal president."

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