Communist faction at Ukrainian parliament disbanded


Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Alexander Turchynov stated that the faction of the Communist Party of Ukraine at the Verkhovna Rada was abolished.

"In the Communist faction, there were 33 deputies, ten of them had left the faction, so there were not enough deputies left for the faction to function. We have corrected the historic mistake by disbanding the faction. Hopefully, the communist ideology will never be in our society," said Turchynov.

Last Tuesday, the parliament of Ukraine adopted amendments to the rules that allowed to dissolve the faction of the Communist Party. The bill provides an opportunity to dissolve factions in the absence of the minimum number of deputies required for its formation, ITAR-TASS reports.

Previously, opponents demonstratively forced the leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine at the Verkhovna Rada, Peter Simonenko out of the session hall. The communist leader was accused of spreading supposedly false information about the state of affairs in the east of Ukraine. Svoboda party deputy Aleksei Kaida demanded Simonenko should leave the session hall, but the latter did not listen. A scuffle occurred, and Simonenko was forced to leave the session hall against his will.

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