Michelle Bachelet wins presidential elections in Chile

With 93.07 % of the votes counted, Bachelet had 62.3% in the second round, beating Evelyn Matthei, representative of the right, who was Labour Minister in the current government of Sebastián Piñera and who obtained 37.7 % to date.

A few minutes after this result was set, the command of Evelyn Matthei's campaign released an official statement in which the candidate acknowledged defeat. "The citizens expressed their choice and decided for the candidacy of our opponent. From our part, remains to congratulate the winner, we want the best for her during her term and ensure that those who voted for our proposal, especially the hardworking middle class of this country, which despite the setback today, we will be fighting for the next four years for the ideas they want to see defended ."

Bachelet is the first Chilean political figure to win two presidential elections, and with the new four-year term that she will face, will become the president more time in office since the return of democracy (in 1990).

Bachelet 's victory is also marked by a high abstention rate, which has been the rule in the Chilean elections since the installation of the optional voting system. On Sunday, the registered electoral dropout was 60%.

Bachelet has another feat of achieving the highest percentage in the history of Chilean elections , surpassing the 57.98 % achieved by Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle in 1994.
Michelle Bachelet defended her campaign in a bold program of social reform and change of the Constitution inherited from the Pinochet dictatorship. She was supported from the first round by the Communist Party.


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