Snowden becomes America's greatest nightmare


U.S. authorities are worried that Edward Snowden, who has tens of thousands of secret documents, may expose the data on USA's collusion with other countries against Russia, Iran, China, The Washington Post wrote.

In particular, the newspaper wrote, it goes about a NATO country that was spying on Russia for the United States. This information appeared online in one day with the news saying that the Americans tapped telephones of 35 world leaders. 

The Washington Post refers to an unnamed official. According to the source, if Russia finds that out, it will easily take adequate measures to put an end to espionage.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was among top officials of the world, whose phones were tapped by US secret services. The Federal Chancellor's phone had been tapped since 2009.

Former CIA system administrator Edward Snowden passed secret documents to The Guardian and The Washington Post at the end of June of last year and then fled the country. After a month spent at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, he was granted temporary asylum in Russia. The above publications publish the information that they received from Snowden gradually.

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