Uruguay President José Mujica on Syria

José Mujica does not believe that intervention in Syria is the best way. "It is impossible to stop a war with more war", said Uruguayan President about the possibility of military intervention in Syria.

Amid the climate of tension in the Middle East with the possibility of military intervention in Syria, José Mujica quips: "The only permissible bombing would be milk powder, biscuits and food."

The Uruguayan president argues that military action is not the best way to resolve the civil conflict in the country. "That would be trying to put out a fire by putting on more fuel," he argues in reference to the U.S. plan of intervention. "The war will not be solved by introducing more war. This situation leads to a path of endless conflicts that promotes a deep resentment that will turn into struggle and resistance here and there," he reiterated in an interview with a local station of Uruguay.

Quoted by Spanish media on Saturday, the Uruguayan President made ​​references in contemporary history to argue the negative impacts of war. "Each of the last 30 years attempts to impose Western democracy - as we know it - in Asia or the Arab world, and had the similar result of sacrifice and pain," he said to El Pais.

Contrary to Mujica, the President of the United States , Barack Obama , asked today that members of Congress do not close their eyes to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. "We are the United States. We cannot be blind to the images of Syrians. This is why I ask the members of Congress from both parties, to unite and act to promote a world where we want to live in, the world we want to leave to our children and future generations,"said Obama , who seeks congressional support for military strikes against Syria. The president of the USA spoke to the people on a weekly radio program.

The U.S. Congress should start on Monday (9) , to discuss the attacks defended by Barack Obama in reaction to the use of chemical weapons on August 21, on the outskirts of Damascus, the Syrian capital.

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