Obama's stop in Stockholm makes police look for bombs everywhere


Freelance writer of Pravda.Ru, director of the International Film Festival of marine and adventure films "The Sea is Calling 2013," Sergei Aprelev, told of unprecedented security measures taken by the Swedes during Barack Obama's visit to Stockholm.

"Yesterday, being in transit in Stockholm, I was nearly late to my plane because of Obama's visit to Stockholm, as all traffic in the city was paralyzed for a few hours. Comparing this with the visits of previous U.S. presidents to the USSR, I have to admit that I have never seen such precautionary measures before.

"A helicopter was hovering above the central part of the city all the time, the roads, on which Obama could then travel were equipped with plastic fences, traffic, including public transport, was stopped, main highways were closed, thousands of police were rushing about on the ground and on the water, to see if there were underwater saboteurs and mines anywhere, especially underneath bridges.

"Even the Swedes understood that the purpose of Obama's visit to them on the way to the St. Petersburg summit is to persuade Sweden to support the forthcoming aggression in Syria ... The Swedes find it ironic that there is a simple template that the Americans had used before as a pretext for invading Iraq.

"At present, the main companion of the United States is France that presented a rather dubious confirmation to prove the participation of Syrian government forces in the chemical attack. The French, based on conversations with representatives of various circles of their society, are unlikely to support President Hollande. They notice the remarkable activity of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who advocates further rapprochement with Israel and a strike on Syria, as one of its main opponents in the Middle East.

"The latter looks quite logical, given the dual citizenship of the minister. However, many agree on one thing - an attack on Syria will undoubtedly be an attack on Russia, no matter who rules the country, and its consequences are unpredictable," said Sergey Aprelev.

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