Snowden to trigger another Cold War?

The whole world is watching the development of the story of Edward Snowden. Pravda.Ru asked expert opinion from the scientific director of the German-Russian Forum, Alexander Rahr. 

"It is one of the top news in Germany too, especially in the American-European angle, because Snowden revealed the fact that U.S. intelligence services were tapping a great deal of people in Europe, mostly in Germany.

"Now everything has gone to the level of Russian-American or Chinese-American relations, which may suffer more than the ties between the US and Europe. It is very interesting that such changes appeared in the media field. It seemed that the Europeans should have resented the fact that America was tapping their phones, but the Americans was keeping European elites under control. This issue does not appear in the US-European relations.

"Everybody is watching with great interest the story of a man, Edward Snowden, who has been staying in some sort of vacuum recently. However, I do not see any messages in European and German press that would call to put pressure on Russia to deliver Snowden to the United States of America.

"The Europeans do not want this story to ruin the US-Russian relations, because everyone knows that the relations between Germany and Russia, the European Union and Russia are a bit spoiled already. If Snowden becomes a reason for another cold war, Europe will lose a lot from that." 


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