Chinese hackers enjoy their Pentagon trophies

Chinese hackers stole U.S. military secrets. Cyber spies from China obtained drawings and descriptions of military aircraft and ships. They also stole the schemes of U.S. missile defense systems. For the time being, it remains unclear whether the hacker attack affected other computer systems of America.

According to U.S. experts, it is a secret military unit in the suburbs of Shanghai that conducts periodic raids on computer systems. Chinese hackers have previously stolen the drawings of headquarters of security and intelligence services of Australia. The location of offices and computer servers of the Australian secret service is no longer a secret.

Official spokespeople for the Chinese Foreign Ministry had to release comments in light of the recent events. Chinese diplomats stressed that they shared a negative attitude towards the activities of hackers. Internet security is a very serious issue in China, they said. Cyber crimes set world leaders against each other and put everyone in an awkward position, Chinese officials said.


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