Obama spends too much time resting, Americans claim

During the first three months of this year, the US president Barack Obama took at least three short holidays. Some Western media have expressed dissatisfaction with the overly frequent vacations of the American leader.

In the end of last year, Obama interrupted his vacation in Hawaii in order to prevent the collapse of the budget, after which he returned to pleasant pastime with his family. Weekly Standard points out that those holidays continued for nine days.

In the middle of February, Obama spent a couple of days playing golf with Tiger Woods. "Pravda.ru" has written about the response to the criticism of journalists who were not allowed to take a single shot, on behalf of New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg: "I can't understand why you can't leave the president in peace. He has a right to rest. He works around the clock. Do you work around the clock? No!" declared the Mayor on that occasion. After that, Obama has spent one weekend more with his family, celebrating the President's Day, the birthday of George Washington.

Breitbart published a note under the name of "Obama prefers his family to spring tours around Washington," which refers to the temporary suspension of independent excursions to the White House as part of the next stage of the budget sequestration. Its author, Mike Flynn, writes that many students of American schools that arrived in Washington DC for the holidays have gathered at the gates of the White House, while the president's daughters were having a good rest on the Bahamas.

Flynn points out that while American children are having certain problems with travelling anywhere during the spring break after the budget sequestration, the president's daughters on the Bahamas are protected by the Secret Service, whose job is paid for by taxpayers.


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