Pyongyang threatens to destroy B-52 if it flies again

North Korea has called "an unpardonable provocation" the training flights, including a U.S. B-52 bomber, on the South Korean airspace as part of joint maneuvers being held by the U.S. and South Korea.

In a statement released by the North's KCNA agency, a spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of North Korea, said that they consider exercises by the United States and South Korea an unforgivable provocation, and has threatened a "strong military response if the bomber tries it again."

"America introduces strategic nuclear strike capabilities on the Korean peninsula when the situation is about to swing towards war," the spokesman added.

On Monday, the Pentagon revealed that on March 8th a B-52 strategic bomber made ​​a flight over the airspace of South Korea as part of the annual military exercise "Foal Eagle" of both countries.

On March 7th, North Korea threatened to exercise its right to conduct "a pre-emptive nuclear attack" against the U.S., because it is considered a country that tries to attack its territory.

Pyongyang-Washington relations worsened after the UN Security Council unanimously voted in favor of a resolution imposing new sanctions on North Korea as punishment for its third nuclear test on the 12th of  February.

The USA, to prevent what it calls the nuclear threat from Iran and North Korea, maintains anti-missile installations in new complexs in Alaska, California and Japan, among other locations.

The Korean War, known in the United States as "The Forgotten War," has never ended.  Every year, the United States stages a series of massive joint war games with its ally, South Korea (ROK).  These coordinated exercises are both virtual and real.  Among other things, they practice live fire drills and simulate the invasion of North Korea-including first-strike options.

The Pentagon has committed to deploy 60% of its air and naval forces to Asia and the Pacific to reinforce its air sea battle doctrine.  In the past five years, hard-won efforts by the Korean people to ease North-South tensions have been reversed. Through its massive military buildup across the region, the United States has amplified regional tensions. 

Translated from the Spanish version by:

Lisa Karpova


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