Photos of dead Bin Laden may incite violence against Americans

Photos of dead Bin Laden may incite violence against Americans. 44243.jpegPresident Barack Obama decided not to release graphic photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse after concluding the images could incite violence against Americans, the White House said Wednesday.

In addition, the administration said, the president concluded that their release would do little to persuade skeptics that the al-Qaida founder had been killed

Obama's decision came after a brief but intense debate in his war council about the pros and cons of making the photos public, administration officials said, Pioneer Press reports.

Most Democrats and many Republicans on Capitol Hill seemed satisfied with President Obama's decision not to release graphic photos that show Osama bin Laden with fatal gunshot wounds to his face.

"My initial opinion is it's not necessary (to release the photos)," said Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as he emerged from a classified military briefing about the raid. "I think there is ample proof that this is Osama bin Laden," according to CBS News.


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