NATO not edging toward deployment of ground forces in Libya

NATO not edging toward deployment of ground forces in Libya. 44110.jpegBritish Prime Minister David Cameron insisted Thursday that NATO isn't edging toward the deployment of ground forces in Libya - despite the decision by several European nations to send military staff to assist rebel forces.

Italy, France and Britain are sending experienced combat advisers to help train and organize Libya's opposition forces as they struggle to loosen Moammar Gadhafi's grip on power, AP reports.

While Colonel Qaddafi's foreign minister, Moussa Koussa, defected to Britain three weeks ago - where he was treated leniently, as an encouragement to others around the Libyan leader to change sides - there have been no prominent defections since.

The current political debate, the senior NATO ambassador said, is not about whether the Libya war will end in negotiations, but the nature and context of the talks. Some countries would like to begin negotiations with Colonel Qaddafi before he leaves power, with the clear aim that he must leave. But others, particularly the rebels, say that negotiations can begin only after the colonel and his sons are safely out of the country, New York Times says.


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