Proven: Benghazi rebel links to Al Qaeda

43851.jpegUS Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has declared that the United States of America considers it is legal to supply weapons to the rebel forces inside Libya, a sovereign nation, in direct contradiction of the terms of the UN Charter and international law. We present evidence that the Benghazi rebels have links to Al Qaeda.

Hillary War Zone Clinton is yet another member of the Obama administration to demonstrate her total incompetence to remain in her job. Under the UN Charter, any act of war or aggression inside a sovereign state must pass by a separate Resolution at the UNSC and anyway the UN Charter outlaws the interfering in internal affairs, arming rebel groups inside a sovereign state.

The London Summit was in two words, an abject disaster, setting NATO against Washington and dividing the clique of nations hell-bent on an imperialist orgy of meddling where they are not called.

There is nothing whatsoever in Resolution 1970 or Resolution 1973 which allow the provisioning of weaponry to Libya or any group inside Libya and there is nothing in the second Resolution that contradicts the first. The "any measures" expression has been taken and blown out of context by Clinton and her war-mongering friends in the arms and energy lobbies - it is expressly stated in the UN document that "any measures" refers to a no-fly zone. Furthermore, the only paragraph substituting the text of Resolution 1970 in 1973 is Paragraph 11, which refers to inspecting vessels and aircraft to enforce the non-provision of weaponry.

Having said which, it is now clear that Muammar Al-Qathafi was right from the outset: the Benghazi rebels have links to Al-Qaeda. President Idris Deby of Chad has confirmed that Al-Qaeda has stolen large quantities of weapons from the arms depots amid the chaos caused by the "rebels" and now, the commander of the rebels, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, has stated that among the troops fighting Al-Qathafi, are Al-Qaeda fighters who combated the US forces in Afghanistan.

Al-Hasidi, who was caught in Pakistan organising fighting against US forces, declared in an interview with Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore that he had recruited freedom fighters to combat US forces in Iraq, where the hardcore of the suicide bombers came from Benghazi.

The ones who should step down are Hillary Clinton, Presidents Obama and Sarkozy and Prime Minister Cameron. Not only have they got themselves way over their heads in a conflict they misunderstood from the start, they not only attempt to breach international law, yet again, and disrespect the UN Charter but now aim to collude with Al-Qaeda.

And spend hundreds of millions of USD in so doing.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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