French support for Morocco deplored

On 30 April a cross-party group of 40 French government representatives joined French civil society leaders in condemning the attempt by France to block a United Nations resolution that would introduce human rights monitoring in Western Sahara.

The statement signed by Mayors and Councillors from all regions of France and from all political parties apart from the Front Nationale, comes in response to news today that the inclusion of human rights monitoring in a UN Resolution due to be passed today is being obstructed by the French. Measures to protect human rights are believed to have strong support amongst the Security Council, in particular from the UK, Mexico, Uganda, Austria, Brazil and Nigeria. The UN peace keeping force in Western Sahara, MINURSO, is the only contemporary mission without a human rights monitoring mandate.

The French government officials and civil society leaders are currently on a visit to the refugee camps in the Algerian desert where over 165,000 Saharawis have lived for over three decades. The statement reads:

We deplore the actions of our government in attempting to block the inclusion of a human rights monitoring dimension to the new UN resolution due to be passed by the UN Security Council today.”

Signatories include:

Patrice Finel, Conseilleur Général de l´Essone

Boulleau Cyril, Marie de Villeneuve
Jacqueline Fontaine, Vice-président, Conseillere Regional, Lorraine
Christian Mehsah, Adjoint au Maire

Maurad Goual, Adjoint au Maire de Marseille
Leila Allounais, Adjoint au Maire de Marseille 66666
Nasser Khabat, Adjoint au Maire de Naim Tarane Rhone
Zorah Ait-Maten, Adjoint au Maire de Lyon
Fatima Pugeat, Adjoint au Maire de Rillieux la Pape
Louisa Ferhat, Adjoint au Maire, Paris
Rabah Lachouri, Adjoint au Maire de Vitry sur Seine
Pierre Texier, Adjoint au Maire de Tours
Zahir Amseur, Adjoint au Maire de Heurthe-et-Moselle

Hassen Blimi, Adjoint au Maire de Champigny sur Marne
Meriem Alout, Conseiller Municipale de Alfortville
Abdeli Hebbache, Conseiller Municipale, St Fons
Nacer Khouatra, Conseiller Municipale, Givors-Rhone
Francoise Rivoire, Conseiller Municipale, Ville de Lyon
Raymond Combaz, Conseiller Municipale, Givors-Rhone
Nadia Chalabi, Conseiller Municipale, Champigny sur Marne
Zoubida Meguenni, Conseiller Municipale, Marseille
Jean-Francois Debiol, Conseiller Municipale, Rilleaux la Pape

Ralida Ferras, Conseiller Municipale, Vierzon
Delphine Poile, Conseiller Municipale, Thenieux
Mohamed Dahmani, Conseiller Municipale, Le Penne sur Huveaue
Tayeb Kebab, Conseiller Municipale, Ville de Sept

Djamila Boukdir, Conseiller Municipale Ville de Lyon

Nadia Azzi, Président Association EXY Jeunes
Aisata Camara, Association EXY Jeunes
Benoit Chaux, Humanitaire Indépendante

Claude-Marie Viver, Conseiller Municipale, a Sens

Slimane, Abdoun-Charef, Conseiller Municipale, Vitry sur Seine

Ovali Ibrahim, Conseiller Municipale, Vigreux sur Seine

Mokhtaria Kebli, Conseiller Municipale, Aulmay sous Bois

President of Samir Touni, President APC, Ville de Lyons
Dr Aoam Benahmed, President, Cercle d´Amitee Franco Algerian


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