Volcano Eruption in Iceland Cancels All Flights Across Northern Europe

Ash clouds from Iceland's spewing volcano has disrupted air traffic across Northern Europe as authorities closed Nordic and British air space, shut down Europe's busiest airport at Heathrow and canceled hundreds of flights.

Irish authorities also closed their air space for eight hours. With the major trans-Atlantic hub at Heathrow closed, dozens of flights to the US were on hold, and cancelations spread across the continent to major hubs at Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneva and Paris, where flights heading north were canceled until midnight, The Press Association reports.

Scientists and aviation authorities are continuing to monitor a plume of volcanic ash that is moving southwards over the UK. The entirety of UK airspace will be closed from noon on Thursday. National Air Traffic Services said: "No flights will be permitted in UK controlled airspace other than emergency situations."

The eruption ejected the plume, which is made up of fine rock particles, up to 11km into the atmosphere, BBC News says.

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