Time for Making New Year's Resolutions Is Coming

2010 is starting not only a New Year, but a new decade coming up with special goals seems even more appropriate at this time of year.

Traditionally, one of the ways most people ring in the New Year is by making resolutions, whether they have a track record of keeping them or not.

These can be attacking concrete goals like losing weight, giving up smoking, changing careers or trying to be on time. Or resolutions can go into more abstract, almost spiritual, goals that focus on making changes the individual sees as desirable character traits, Ironton Tribune reports.

The key to a New Year’s resolution that will get you fit and healthy though is to set a goal that you can actually achieve.

A New Year’s resolution you could set could be to maybe try to work out 3-4 days a week by walking or doing some physical activity.

Setting more manageable goals such as losing 5 pounds in a month or so could be far more achievable than stating you want to lose 40 pounds by next New Year’s.

By doing this, setting goals you can achieve and putting yourself into a diet and exercise regimen that you feel comfortable with in your lifestyle, is the true key to having a successful year 2010 where you can get more healthy and fit than you already are, SmartAboutHealth reports.

It was also reported, Crystal Smith of Mason is a mother of two boys, Cody, 10 and Bryan, 7, and, like every other holiday, feels like New Year’s has come all to soon.

In previous years, she has made the resolution to lose weight, and she says she has kept it off. But keeping a resolution through March, or even just through February can be hard work, and Patty Hesser knows that feeling.

She’s the owner of Year Round Gifts in Village Square Mall, and instead of being disappointed after the first couple months into the year, she says she just “hasn’t made any in a long time.”

Hesser says she has tried to meet the typical goals of losing weight or to stop smoking, but says, “This year just snuck up on us.”

To keep from disappointment, Eldon Ooton of Hord just doesn’t make any resolutions.

“If you make one, you’re just going to break it,” he said, “so I just don’t make one,” Effingham Daily News reports.

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