Obama to Host India's Prime Minister

With some trying to dampen expectations that the world will seal a new climate agreement in the Danish capital, a US-India breakthrough on action to reduce greenhouse gases could provide the negotiations with much needed impetus.

But for this to happen, the two leaders need to overcome the mistrust that has characterized recent US-India relations on climate change and energy.

For Americans, this requires dispelling three damaging myths , guardian.co.uk reports .

It was also reported, Mr Obama's presidency has been dominated by Afghanistan and Pakistan and his recent trip to Beijing underlined his respect for China's growing power, he says.

But he adds that Tuesday's reception at the White House aims to allay Indian fears that America's relations with Delhi have been allowed to slip since George W Bush's presidency.

India hopes the talks will see the finalisation of the civilian nuclear deal with the US.

Last year they signed a civilian nuclear co-operation accord to end 34 years of US sanctions , BBC News reports .

News agencies also repirt, President Obama’s recent speech in Tokyo ignored India as part of the emerging Asian order. And the U.S.-China Joint Statement endorsed China’s role as an overseer in South Asian affairs. Both developments have unsettled New Delhi, and for good reason. But the Obama team can salvage this imbroglio by a bold initiative to solidify developing relations between the world’s oldest democracy and its largest: Mr. Obama should play a trump card, declaring that the United States will support India’s permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council.

Even if the recent missteps had not occurred, supporting India for an UNSC seat is strategically sound. As Martin Wolf has trenchantly noted, “Within a decade, a world in which the United Kingdom is on the United Nations Security Council and India is not will seem beyond laughable. The old order passes. The sooner the world adjusts, the better.”

London, Paris and Moscow have already been very public in expressing favor for India’s membership on the UNSC, and Washington would be well served to get out ahead of the curve. In doing so, Mr. Obama would build on past private conversations and public intimations to this end, and imbue his great personal emphasis on multilateralism with new meaning , The National Interest Online reports.

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