Nobel Peace Prize Places Heavy Burden on Obama

Among the 13 new laureates made by Nobel Prize committees in six categories: 11 of them are Americans or people who call the United States home. Maybe they can get charter rates when they travel to Sweden and Norway to collect the certificates, gold meals and $1.4 million checks.

The announcements started with three Americans splitting the prize in medicine and ended with U.S. President Obama's stunning win of the Peace Prize and two U.S. academics winning the economics prize. Two U.S. scientists and a Shanghai-born researcher who lives in the United States were selected to take the physics prize and the chemistry award is going to a pair of Americans and an Israeli scientist.

The only prize to elude the Americans was in literature. That honor will go to Herta Mueller, a Romanian-born writer living in Germany. No American has won the Nobel Prize for Literature since Toni Morrison in 1993, United Press International reports.

It was also reported, according to the Nobel Prize Committee, Obama was chosen "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

If you spent any time talking politics to co-workers or friends last Friday, Obama's Nobel Peace Prize probably came up. Soon after the announcement became public, there was an explosion of opinions - some would call it a meltdown - on the Internet.

Loud protests were heard from many of the same folks who have been proclaiming for months that Obama was the absolute worst president in the history of modern America. They thought he was so dangerous, he shouldn't be allowed to speak to the nation's schoolchildren. The same folks criticized Obama for "losing" the 2016 Olympic Games for Chicago and called it a sign he had no respect from the international community.

Winning the Nobel Peace Prize this early in his presidency places a heavy burden on Obama, but since he's already the first black president of the United States, how much more pressure can it be? Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

News agencioes also report, the problem with Obama's approach to foreign affairs is that its obsessive fixation on rejecting the Bush doctrine also dismisses its strengths.

The Nobel Prize Committee justified its decision to award Obama the Peace Prize based on its attachment of "special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons." Perhaps if the President sought to take Machiavelli's advice into account, built on the more favorable stance the world has toward his goals and intentions, he would prove himself worthy of this honor. But as long as he continues down the aggressively anti-Bush path, he will sacrifice efficacy for mere ideology and posturing, Observer Online reports.

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