Russian FM Lavrov: USA prepares Europe to use tactical nuclear weapons against Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that the US military work to prepare armed forces of European countries to apply tactical nuclear weapons against Russia.

Lavrov, speaking at the conference on disarmament in Geneva, said that the preservation of US non-strategic nuclear weapons in Europe hampers nuclear disarmament.

According to him, the practice of joint nuclear missions is destabilising. Within the framework of these missions, Lavrov believes, "non-nuclear NATO members participate in the plans to use US non-strategic nuclear weapons."

Earlier, reports on the analysis of consequences of nuclear strikes on Russia and China stirred quite a controversy in the world. Soon after the publication of the results of the analysis conducted by US defence agencies, Russian officials spoke about the guaranteed retaliatory strike of the Strategic Missile Forces on the aggressor.

It goes about the system of automated control over the launch of missiles in the event of a nuclear war and the silence of the command. The system is known as "Perimeter." The system was put on alert duty in 1985 in the USSR and was dubbed as "Dead Hand" in the West. In a nutshell, the system ensures the launch of nuclear missiles in the event of a nuclear attack on Russia, if there is no one left to give an appropriate order.

As for China, the nuclear potential of the country is classified. According to experts, it does not exceed a quarter of a thousand warheads compared to Russia's and the USA's 2,000. In addition, Chinese missiles operate on solid fuel and are outdated for a massive breakthrough in the US missile defence system. Therefore, the issue of the Chinese retaliatory strike against the United States does not look relevant.

According to a recent article in The Bulletin of Atomic Science, the modernisation of nuclear forces has given America an opportunity to strike a powerful preventive nuclear blow, which undermines the strategic stability in the world.


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