US military men set their hair on fire over of Russia's new T-5000 sniper rifle

US military men depressed over of Russia's new T-5000 sniper rifle

US military analysts are concerned about the appearance of a new Russian sniper rifle known as T-5000.

This development may change the concept of "safe distance" and the entire usual tactics of combat actions. According to Popular Mechanics that refers to a report about Russia's new generation weapons, conventional tactics will be useless to resist Russians on the battlefield.

The Russian army earlier used the Dragunov rifle, which was effective at a relatively small distance because of poor quality of its optic equipment. The latest T-5000 sniper rifle is accurate even at a distance of 2,000 yards - the new weapon thus surpasses the McMillian TAC-338, which is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 1,700 yards.

The report concludes that one needs to develop new tactics to counter the new threat. Most likely, specialists will recommend using smoke grenades, drones to search for snipers and attack them, as well as other special weapons.

Supplies of the T-5000 were scheduled for 2020, but certain army units and law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation have already received the new rifle.


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