USA's official tone gets more and more Nazi-like, reminiscent of Nazi Germany, that used to be 'above all others'

USA strongly convinced of its place above all nations

The White House administration is to unveil a new national security strategy. Reportedly, the document will declare the need to confront the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China, Iran and North Korea. US Experts have been working on the strategy since March 2017.

The new strategy will be based on the need to protect American citizens and maintain peace through the use of force. The document names USA's four prime enemies: Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

According to Trump's new national security adviser Herbert McMaster, the current state of affairs resembles the situation at the end of the Cold War, when America not only won, but also reached new heights in prosperity and influence, McMaster said. Thus, the US should demonstrate a new tough approach to combating a number of global threats to US security.

The US will seek to expand global partnerships, but the US administration also expects other participants in these partnerships to do more than they do now to achieve common goals.

As for Russia, the US will continue taking efforts to resist Russia's destabilising behaviour as she tries to undermine democracies in the West.


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