F-35 will call for help if encounters Russia's Su-35 in the air

F-35 fall apart before supplies

The US military found corrosion of the hull in a batch of F-35 fighters. According to experts, corrosion was found in the place where the outer panel is connected with the aluminum hull of the aircraft.

The incident was reported at an air base in the State of Utah. A selective inspection of the aircraft showed that one should examine about 250 aircraft.

This incident occurred in September, and the supplies of the fighter aircraft were delayed for a month.

Meanwhile, Western journalists believe that the F-35 fighter is not good for combat action in the air, even though the F-35 is considered to be a promising development of Lockheed Martin Corporation. The super manoeuvrable F-35 should avoid any encounters with Russia's Sukhoi 35 in the air. If four F-35 jets come across four Su-35, the US fighter jets will have to change their course and call for help.


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