Britain leaves EU. Who’s next?

The Brexit supporters gained a victory at the referendum, crashing the threshold of 16.7 million voters.
The turnout made up about 72%, which is the biggest index at the elections in Great Britain since 1990s. According to experts, the gap was as small as possible. During some hours as the votes were being counted up, the parties in turn shot ahead, but at last the Brexit supporters gained a majority.

However, referendum is not an obligatory one from legal point of view, and it means that the government may seal country's fate on its own.

Leaders of the Northern Ireland nationalist party Sinn Féin claimed that British exit from the EU is an excuse for Ireland's unification, as the English government will be deprived of power to represent interests of the Northern Ireland residents.

David Cameron, PM of the country, who initiated this referendum and supported proposal to remain within the EU, could not ignore opinion of the British and claimed about his resign.

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