Erdogan uses terror act to invade Syria

A suicide-bomber from Syria, member of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party is suspected of conducting a terror act in Ankara on 17 February. Erdogan had claimed before the guilty was announced that Turkey would not hesitate to exercise its right to self defence anywhere, any time, in any case. Doesn't it mean that the Turkish army will be soon dispatched into Syria?

Semyon Bagdasarov, expert on the Central Asian and Middle Eastern problems at the Centre of Analytical Studies:

'Surely, it does mean. By hook or by crook. Now, after this terror act, a big question is who carried it out. But it puts me on the alert that it happened somehow very timely for Erdogan, when he advocated in every possible way not only ground invasion, but also creation of a so-called 10-km long buffer zone in depth of the Azaz passage, which the Democratic Union Party's self-defence militia had just started to attack. And the terror act just happened in this context. After that he made this written statement, and everyone should have said that the terror act really took place and was carried out by members of the Democratic Union Party's self-defence militia. It is very suspiciously. Thus, the dispatch is quite possible. First of all, against Azaz, then against Jarabulus, as the events unfold. It was preceded with an ultimatum on Tell Abyad, and it is a city which is fully controlled by the Syrian Kurds on the Western bank of the Euphrates river. Azaz is a buffer zone which Turks want to create. Thus, the situation is very 'interesting'.


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