Poroshenko ready for real war with Russia

In a recent interview with the BBC, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko described the conflict in the Donbass as a "real war" with Russia. According to him, Kiev is fighting against Russia, rather than pro-Russian separatists.  

To substantiate his statement, Poroshenko referred to the recent arrest of two alleged Russian intelligence officers. The Ukrainian leader also said that Ukrainian security services had captured dozens of Russians, who were involved in combat actions in the southeast of the country.  

A BBC journalist asked Poroshenko: "Do you trust Vladimir Putin?" "Trust?" Poroshenko responded, paused and then said, exhaling, - "No." 

However, despite the lack of understanding between the leaders, Poroshenko said that he had no other choice but negotiate with Putin. "Liberating the Donbass in a military way will not work," Poroshenko said. He believes only in diplomacy. 

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