WADA and IOC destroy Kamila Valieva. Alexandra Trusova breaks into tears

Drama on ice: Kamila Valieva fails, Alexandra Trusova breaks down

Kamila Valieva, Russian figure skating phenomenon, failed her performance and was ranked fourth in the free skating program at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing.

When Kamila finished her performance, Tutberidze asked her why she stopped fighting during the performance.

"Well, why did you let go of everything? Well, explain, you let go somewhere after the axel,” said the coach to her 15-year-old athlete.

Valieva failed the free skating program at the 2022 Games and was left without an Olympic medal.

Kamila Valieva failed to complete the program: she made an error in the triple axel, fell from a cascade of a quadruple toe loop and a triple toe loop and then fell again from a triple rittberger.

Valieva scored 141.93 points and took the fourth place, ahead of Kaori Sakamoto of Japan. At the same time, Valieva took the lead in the short program, being two points ahead of her closest rival.

After the performance, Valieva left the mixed zone without saying a word. She burst into tears on the coach's shoulder, who was tying to convince Valieva that this was the worst day of her life, that she would have to leave behind her, because the experience was worth it.

Valieva let two other Russian figure skaters win silver and gold

Anna Shcherbakova of Russia won Olympic gold, having scored a total of 255.95 points. She skated both programs immaculately.

Alexandra Trusova, who scored 251.73 points, came second with a silver medal. She set a historic milestone by successfully landing five quadruple jumps in free skating.

Trusova was deeply dissatisfied with her silver achievement. She pushed coach Tutberidze away and did not want to listen to her. When in the mixed zone, she stated that she hated figure skating. For 20 minutes, Trusova refused to go to the awards ceremony. When on the pedestal, she did not congratulate Anna Shcherbakova for her gold medal.

"Everyone has a gold medal! But I don't! I hate this sport! I will never go out on the ice again!" Alexandra Trusova said in tears.

Trusova later said that she broke down because she was staying away from her mother and home pets for too long. She stressed that she was satisfied with her performance and the silver medal that she won.

Doping scandal destroyed Kamila Valieva

Tatyana Tarasova, honored coach of the USSR in figure skating, said that the international organizations that took up arms against Kamila Valieva affected her morale. Valieva was "killed" at the Beijing Olympic Games, Tarasova said. Channel One commentator Pavel Zanozin also pointed out that Kamila was deeply hurt with what Western journalists had done to her.

Alexander Zhulin, honored coach of Russia, said that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) should be held accountable for destroying the biggest star of world figure skating. In his opinion, they deliberately wanted to stop Valieva from winning.

This is a tragedy! What they have done — they have destroyed a child and a person. I have never seen Kamila being so lost! They will have to live with it. What have done what they wanted," Alexander Zhulin Honored Coach of Russia said.

Kamila Valieva's doping sample from December 25, 2021 was tested positive for trimetazidine. This drug is banned in sports. Both the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) sought to dismiss Valieva, but the Court of Arbitration for Sport allowed Valieva to participate in the Games.

The IOC said that it would not hold an awards ceremony following the results of women's individual tournament if Valieva were the winner. Now that 15-year-old Kamila Valieva did not win any medal, Anna Shcherbakova and Alexandra Trusova received their awards at an official event in Beijing.

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