Georgia may disrupt Olympic Games in Russia's Sochi

The Olympic Games in Russia's Sochi may not take place. Russia may lose the information war that is currently being waged by Georgia. The latter actively propagates the so-called "Cirkassian issue". This opinion was expressed by Vladimir Zakharov, the Director of the Institute of the Black Sea-Caspian region, in an exclusive interview with GeorgiaTimes.

"Georgia, supported by the Jamestown Foundation, has been building up a highly painful subject for the Caucasus - the genocide of the Cirkassians by Russia. "Russia, unfortunately, has not developed its counter-propaganda," said Zakharov.

According to him, it is the Russian budget in the first place that works for the organization of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and his propagandists, Zakharov said, will continue to propagate the issue of Russia's "genocide" of the Circassians.

"The Georgians will take account of any defect, any gaffe that our experts may utter, and they will turn it to their account. All of these decisions, meetings, conferences, which run around the "Circassian question," - they go to the International Olympic Committee. Georgia claims that Sochi is a place of the genocide of the Circassians. Western media already use this epithet in their reports about Sochi. Therefore, all that relates to the Circassians relates to the Sochi Olympics," the expert said.



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