Children of Asia expect athletes from nearly 30 countries

The meeting devoted to preparations for the international Sports Forum "Russia Is A Sports Power" and the V International Sports Games "Children of Asia" has recently taken place at Il Tumen, Yakutia.

The meeting was organized by the committee of the parliament for family, children, youth, physical culture  and sport under the chairmanship of Sergei Syulsky.

Vice President of Yakutia Dmitry Glushko, the chairman of the State Assembly (Il Tumen), Vitaly Basygysov, deputy chairman of the government, Alexander Vlasov, people's deputies of the republic, Elena Golomareva, Georgy Artemyev, Nikolai Kostromin, Oksana Vinokurova, Vladimir Fedorov, Vyacheslav Kulichkin, Alexander Krylov, Aitalina Afanasyeva, the minister for youth policy and sports Alexander Podgolov, first deputy minister of education Vasily Petrov and others took part in the meeting.

The government of the republic approved the cost estimate for the events in the total amount of 541 million rubles. 31 million of the amount was assigned for the Forum, whereas 509 million - for "Children of Asia" Games.

"Russia Is A Sports Power" Forum will take place on July 4-6. The events of the business program - round table discussions, conference, etc. will take place on July 4th. The plenary sessions of the Forum and the opening ceremony of the V International Games "Children of Asia" will take place on July 5th.

According to Dmitry Glushko, for the time being, the draft program stipulates the meeting of the State Council of the President of the Russian Federation (for physical culture and sport) to consider the issues of the development of youth sports in the Russian Federation. The Vice President of Yakutia also stated that the Russian President may participate in the Forum.

As of April 12, 2012, there were 15 official bids received from the following countries: Azerbaijan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mongolia, Palestine, the Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Syria, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. As many as 15 other countries have not sent their bids yet, although they have set out their wish to participate.

As for Russia, there will be the teams of three federal districts participating in sports competitions. They will be the teams from the Far Eastern, the Siberian and the Ural districts - all situated in the Asian part of Russia. The teams will include representatives of 27 entities of the country. The teams of the city of Moscow, the republics of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan will perform as separate teams.

Over 1,300 athletes from more than 30 countries of the world are expected to participate in "Children of Asia" Sports Games. As many as 1,216 athletes will represent the national team of the Russian Federation. Nearly 500 of those athletes will represent two Yakutian teams. 

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