Tim Burton's former girlfriend, Lisa Marie, must revise lawsuit

A judge ruled Tim Burton's ex-girlfriend’s lawsuit against the movie director did not sufficiently support claims that Burton had backed out of a promise to financially support her and ordered to revise it.

Lisa Marie, an actress who appeared in several of Burton's films, sued last December, alleging Burton used fraud to cheat her out of assets he promised to share with her during their nearly 10-year, live-in relationship.

Burton said he and Marie would "combine their efforts and earnings and would share equally any and all" accumulated property, her lawsuit claimed.

When Burton suddenly ended their relationship, Marie claimed she was referred to an attorney who convinced her to agree to a contract with the director. By signing it, she said, she gave up the right to make further claims to his assets. She also accused the lawyer of secretly acting on Burton's behalf.

Court papers filed by Burton's attorneys countered that the director gave Marie $5 million (EUR3.7 million) to sign the contract, which released him from any further claims to his assets. He contended that if she wanted to rescind the deal she was obligated to return the money.

Superior Court Judge Teresa Sanchez-Gordon said Marie's complaint did not sufficiently support her allegation that Burton used fraud to cheat her out of assets. The judge gave her attorneys 10 days to revise the action.

Burton directed Marie in "Ed Wood," "Mars Attack!" and "Planet of the Apes."

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Author`s name Angela Antonova