Madonna's tickets given away for free

Madonna gathered for her “Confessions” in Moscow ’s Luzhniki approximately 50 thousand loyal fans.

However, the concert tickets were still being sold up until the beginning of the show. Once it was over many unfortunate sellers were simply giving them away for free to anyone interested.

The singer herself enjoyed performing in Russia. Citing her words, she has been dreaming about this event for a while.

The concert lasted for two hours. It went rather smoothly without any major incidents except for the fact that 23 people were arrested.

According to the police reports 11 individuals were drunk, while the rest were representatives of the Russian Orthodox Society who organized an unlawful meeting at the entrance. Police put together detailed reports describing the trespasses and eventually let everyone go.

By the way, the controversial song “Live to Tell,” the one the Russian Orthodox clergy protested against, was met with wild excitement by the general public.

As she was performing the scandalous piece Madonna appeared wearing a crown of thorns and crucified on a giant sparkling cross.

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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