10 healthy gifts for coming holidays

1. Jump rope. The American Council on Exercise recommends a jump rope for kids and fit adults. A 30-minute session at moderate speed can melt 250 calories off of a 130-pound person. For kids, jump ropes are great, revive a forgotten art. Cost: $15

2. Heart rate monitor. You can find these for around $50, although some are higher. These are great for people who have just started exercising regularly. Getting up to 70% or 80% of your maximum heart rate is excellent for fat burning.

3. Pedometer. These can make you mindful of how much you are moving. The norm is 5,000 steps a day.

4. Body bands. Color coded by the resistance they provide, body bands are great stocking stuffers, but you might want to include a good instruction book or video. They are also great for seniors.

5. Stationary frame for your road bike. You can get one for around $50. This makes your bike into an exercise bike.

6. Exercise tapes or videos. These videos will help you to do the exercises in the right way.

7. Assorted balls. A ball has always been a good present. But firstly you should learn what kind of ball the person need.

8. Double-sided countertop grill. Those little grills are helping everyone eat meat and veggies prepared in a healthier manner.

9. Bender or juicer. For kids, this is a painless way to get servings of fruit and milk. Children also like to use a salad spinner, another great gift, and will appreciate implements with chunkier, easier-to-hold handles than the sharp wire-handled carrot peeler found in every kitchen.

10 Healthy foods themselves. A gourmet basket of fruit, an assortment of nuts, bottles of almond or olive oil or balsamic vinegar, are all great gifts, reports CBC news. I.L.