Mick Jagger plans screen return

Sir Mick Jagger is planning to make a return to film when he finishes his upcoming world tour with legendary rockers The Rolling Stones.

The street fighting man star has already begun work on a new screenplay - and he plans to direct and star in the untitled movie when his schedule becomes free.

He says, "It's about a guy who wants revenge. It's only a small movie and I've already written half of it," information from Contractmusic official web site.

The Rolling Stones may have a combined age of 245, but Sir Mick Jagger has laughed off suggestions that they are too old for another world tour.

The 62-year-old frontman said he found the constant sniping aimed at his band - formed in 1962 and often cruelly referred to as the Strolling Bones - amusing.

Adding up the four bandmates' ages was a 'mathematical feat beyond most people', he said.

'We wouldn't tour unless someone said, "Look, there are a lot of people who want to see you".'

Jagger said that playing rock music was not just the preserve of young people.

'You wouldn't want only old people to do it. It would be awful. But if you have creative energy, age doesn't matter.

According to USA Today, the band's only competition: itself. Since 1989, the group has grossed $1.125 billion internationally. In the '90s, the band took in $751 million and sold more than 12 million tickets worldwide, more than any other act.

"The Rolling Stones are far and away the most successful touring entity in the history of mankind," says Ray Waddell, senior editor at Billboard. "The Stones have written and rewritten the book on touring. The things they have brought have been pioneering, from being the first to use credit cards at merc stands to a one-promoter global tour. They are the kings."

For 43 years, the Stones have resisted rock's customary trajectory of rise, peak and swan dive. Even the band is amazed by its longevity.

"I remember a sense of doom when our first record got in the top 20," Richards says. "It was conventional wisdom at the time that it would all be over in two years."

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