Russian inventor designs caskets outfitted with alarm buttons for those buried alive by mistake

A person opens his eyes and can not understand where the hell he is. A bloodcurdling surmise finally crosses his mind. He realizes he has been buried alive and now he is lying in a casket some six feet under. It is well-known that stories like that normally have no happy ending. Scientific books contain a number of cases involving living persons buried by mistake. A person may be buried alive while sleeping in lethargy.

Vitaly Malyukov, author of numerous inventions, honored inventor of the USSR, decided to improve the situation after conducting a detailed study of the problem. His invention includes a circular device (containing special membranes) which is mounted in a casket. Should a person recover consciousness, he will spot it right away because the device will be glowing red. A person buried alive will have to press that "alarm button" to raise the alarm at a control panel in the office of a cemetery caretaker. The alarm is designed to show which grave have signs of life, so to speak.

It looks so simple yet nobody has come up with anything similar to Mr. Malyukov's invention. People used to put cell phones in the coffins. And those telephones sometimes rang underground. But the ringing was from the incoming calls made by those who did not know that the subscriber had been dead. Mr. Malyukov has his doubts that a person stuck in the casket will be able to grab a cell phone and use it properly. "Now all you have to do is touch the alarm button and wait a few minutes," says he.

Mr. Malyukov does not reveal all the details pertaining to the "alarm system from the other side." He says he is going to sell it to the Japanese and make a lot of money when he finally goes broke.

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