Malaysian priests find little puppy with six legs and two penises

The ongoing aggravation of the ecological situation in the world often results in the appearance of unusual creatures, some of which prove to be rather viable. The news about human or animal babies born with striking physical deformities always attract people's attention, in spite of the fact that such news reports appear on a regular basis.

A little puppy with six legs and two penises has been recently found in a Malaysian temple, in the town of Pandamaran, situated to the south off Kuala Lumpur. According to eyewitnesses, the custodian of the temple found the puppy sleeping near the entrance to the shrine. The man picked the animal up to remove it from the passage, when he noticed that it was a weird many-legged little dog, a six-legged dog, to be more precise.

When the strange finding was examined in the shrine, it turned out that the fluffy creature also had two penises. That was probably the reason why the priests named the dog as Ong Fatt, which translates as Lucky.

Inexplicable anomalies happen rather frequently in the natural world nowadays. A six-legged lamb was born in Holland; a dog gave birth to six normal puppies and one six-legged creature in Brazil.

The puppy named as Lucky currently lives in the shrine, where it was found. Malaysian priests believe that their talisman was sent to them from heaven.

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